Dear fans,

For a few reasons that I won’t expose here, I’ve decided to stop the project 3IsOne. The concert at the Winston Kingdom has also been cancelled.
I really put my heart and energy into 3IsOne but sometimes things are not going as you imagine when you start a new project with other persons.
I’ll continue to work on the album “Les étiquettes” but as a solo project with the participation of my wife Moon Danoon, Lennart, Roy (I hope) and a few good friends.
I wish to all members of 3IsOne success in their new projects.
Thanks to all of you guys who supported us from the start. Be well.

Toff Crazy-Monk
“More than thousands of people are talented, working hard and in harmony with others can make the difference…”

If you have enough Oxygen (0)
And active Neurons to think clearly (N)
Then you get the Energy (E)
To do what you want to achieve.

For the history…..

3IsOne is a collaboration between versatile singers – authors – composers from the Netherlands, Italy and France that have strong desire to share their ideas, express their emotions and talk directly to your heart.
Their music is a blend of Rock, Blues, Folk, Electro, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Reggae, Funk.
Their songs are about society, love, relationships between people but also darker subjects like depression and death.
They are currently working on their first album “ Les Étiquettes” (The labels).
The title reflects the fact that we can’t always put a label on everything as it is impossible for 3isOne to belong to only one musical category.
The album release is planned at the end of 2014. Their first single “Closer to irreversible” has been released on the 28th of February 2014.

Check out our video CLOSER TO IRREVERSIBLE

Our new Single Closer to Irreversible is available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, SoundCloud, CD Baby, …


    April 28 2014:

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    April 25 2014:

  • Closer to irreversible is being played on the Solid Rock Show
    April 10 2014:

  • L’Amour est mort (Love is dead) is being played on UN.Radio
    April 7 2014:

  • L’Amour est mort (Love is dead) is being played on the West Alliance Indie Show on more than 30 worldwide radios (in the USA, UK, Canada, Spain, France, Finland, Argentina, Australia and Slovenia)
    April 2 2014:

  • We are happy to announce that Francesca arrived in the Netherlands yesterday. That means that we can start our creative sessions to make 3IsOne’s first album! We’ll keep you updated on our progression as often as possible.
    April 1st 2014:

  • 3IsOne is now played on RivieraFM
    March 31 2014:

  • 3IsOne has been nominated in the top 10 Indie artists on TRS247 radio. You can vote for us by visiting that link: vote then go to the post “Welcome to TRS 247 Radio w/Cris & Alysia Top 10 Indie Artist Countdown!!!” Click “Like” under “Closer to Irreversible”‘s artwork (with the red flowers). You can vote until Friday the 4th of April. Thank you for your support!
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    March 28 2014:

  • L’AMOUR EST MORT (Love is dead) is the song of the week on TalentCast.nl
    March 27 2014:

  • CLOSER TO IRREVERSIBLE is being played on The DEUCE SHOW #259 on more than 35 radio worldwide.
    March 26 2014:

  • Our website is online!!!
    Before website release

  • Closer to irreversible in on rotation on Rocker’s Dive Radio
  • Closer to irreversible in on rotation on Rock101Radio
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  • Closer to irreversible in on rotation on Aairadio.net (Saturday Flight Live presented by Scott Terence Brownstone)